Floor of the Curia Julia

Vitruvius in "De Architectura" writes:
"The Treasury, the Prison and the Curia must be located next to the Forum, but in such a way that their size is proportionate to that of the Forum. Above all, the Curia must correspond to the excellence of the city. So if the Curia is square then its height will be equal to one and a half width, if rectangular, the length and width must be added and half of this number will be its height."

The Curia of the Roman Forum respects these proportions. Its base is in fact 18 x 27 meters and its height is 21 meters. Almost certainly the proportions suggested by Vitruvius were dictated by acoustic requirements. The Curia was the place of the discussion and listening to the speakers had to be easy.

The beautiful floor has been partially rebuilt with ancient marbles according to the Diocletian era layout, as well as the architectural decoration of the walls, marked by niches that housed statues.

The Byzantine paintings, on the other hand, visible above all on the counter-façade, date back to the transformation into a church in the seventh century.