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Enhance your projects with customized AI-powered apps, including chatbots, recommendation systems and clever tools for smooth and personalized experiences.

Empowering Knowledge and Culture

Shazarch boosts cultural projects with tailored solutions. We bring culture, data, and knowledge closer by leveraging AI, AR, and user-oriented interfaces.

Timeless Beauty, Modern Breakthroughs

Shazarch's head office is located in the enchanting town of Radicondoli, a gem nestled in the idyllic Tuscan landscape. This setting, rich in history and enveloped by breathtaking natural beauty, fuels our creativity and drive. At Shazarch, we bring cutting-edge solutions to life while remaining anchored in the artistic and cultural legacy that defines Italy.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions for Your Business

Shazarch transforms projects with custom software solutions, incorporating the latest AI models and immersive UI technologies. We develop captivating experiences that seamlessly blend knowledge and technology, enriching your products and services and bridging gaps.



Data Analysis

Augmented Reality


Case Studies

Intelligent data

Shazarch has created a state-of-the-art web service for the Atlante Montessori Project, delivering a dynamic database for a comprehensive archive of studies, historical documents, lexicon, and photographic repository. Our tailored IT solutions have streamlined access to Maria Montessori's teachings and legacy, spreading resources for scholars and non-experts.

Mixed Reality

Experience our cutting-edge AR/VR solutions, tailored for handheld and head-mounted devices. Our team skillfully designs multi-platform apps and web-apps. As researchers and scholars, we've collaborated with universities and museums, publishing in scientific papers. Elevate your brand with innovative, immersive technology backed by top notch expertise.

Image: Spallone R., Vitali M., Palma V., Ribotta L., Pupi E. "Castello di Mirafiori: reconstructive modeling and WebAR". To be published.
Palma V., Spallone R., Cicone G., Lops G., Rinauro R. "Scalable AR for BIM on telecommunication network sites". ISPRS Archives, 2022.
Project funded by INWIT, carried out by INWIT and Politecnico di Torino. Palma V. is co-founder at Shazarch.

 Art & History Guide App

Tadarc - art & history guide

Discover Italy with Tadarc, our App powered by Deep Learning for image recognition. Explore our extensive database of monuments and captivating facts, providing unique insights into Rome, Turin, and Tuscany. Tadarc combines Artificial Intelligence with cultural expertise for an extraordinary journey.

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